Monday, May 31, 2010

i love you sayang

Stop worrying about standards,stop thinking about it. There’s no standards in real love. I love you for who you are. I don't want to be another chapter, I want to be the whole story. I want to be your very last darling. No one can make me feel inferior without my consent, but when it comes to you. You don't need my consent to make me feel what I'm feeling right now.

I love you Ikram Amir, I really do. Berapa banyak kali pun I cakap macam ni, it still doesn't shows you how much love I really have for you. Infinity baby, infinity. Tolong lah percaya kan I sayang, since I came here, I dah kurang ber-socialize. Kalau pergi jamuan, I duduk kat tepi sorang2 dgr lagu. Kalau berborak pun, I berborak ngan aunty-aunty. I have no desire for other hunks except you sayang. You're my only munchkin. Kalau I tak reply your texts tu I'm sorry. I might be sleeping, tak pun, I tak dapat nak online skype I or my parents phones are with them, memang susah lah I nak reply msg you b. I'm sorry tau. I rindu you sangat sayang, I trust you sayang. Pandai-pandai lah awak jaga diri awak kat sana. Jangan buat benda bukan-bukan kat belakang I bby.

Okay lah, I tanak membebel. Kang you malas nak baca, kalau I type panjang-panjang :P I love you baby. Goodnight sayang ♥


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